W8LAP Volunteer Examiner Team

Lapeer County Amateur Radio Association
Lapeer, Michigan

Exam Session Location

  • The W8LAP VE Team of Lapeer, Michigan offers regular in-person amateur radio license exams
    at the Lapeer County Amateur Radio Association’s meeting room:

    Lapeer County Amateur Radio Association
    1778 Imlay City Road
    Lapeer, MI 48446

    Just west of the Lapeer County Health Department – located inside Cypress Integration Solutions.
    Please park and enter from the south side of the building.

  • Doors open approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled exam time.
  • For more information email exam@w8lap.com or call the team at 810-230-4650.

What to Expect for your Exam Session:

The cost of the test is $15.00. If you pass the exam you may proceed with the next exam at no additional cost. You should be prepared and ready for all exams you wish to take. If you are passing your practice exams with consistent scores of 85% or better, you are ready for that exam. If you fail your test and want to retest, there will be an additional $15.00 fee.

Registration is required if you wish to attend this session. If you register, we expect you to show up on the test date. Testing is in high demand and by not showing up you are preventing someone else from testing. Please be considerate. If you cannot attend the test session after registering, DO NOT wait until the last minute to let us know. Contact the W8LAP VE Team via email exam@w8lap.com or call the team at 810-230-4650.

What to Bring to your Exam Session:

  • $15.00 – Cash, exact change please.
  • One legal photo ID (identification):
    • State Driver’s License
    • Government issued Passport
    • Military or Law Enforcement Officer Photo ID card
    • Student School Photo ID card
    • State Photo ID card
  • If no photo ID is available, two forms of identification:
    • Non-photo State ID card (some states still have them)
    • Birth certificate (must have the appropriate seal)
    • Social security card
    • Employer’s wage statement or Minor’s work permit
    • School ID card
    • School or Public Library card
    • Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person; or a postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it appears on their FRN account.
  • An FCC issued Federal Registration Number (FRN) is required by anyone wishing to take an exam and you will be able to create your FRN during the exam registration process.
  • Please provide any Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) you may hold from previous exam sessions if your license or upgrade has not already been issued by FCC.
  • Calculators are provided for in-person exams, if requested. For online remote exams, a calculator with the memory erased and formulas cleared is allowed or you may use the calculator on the same computer on which you are using for the exam.
  • One clean sheet of paper on both sides and pencils can be provided, if requested.
  • You may not have any written notes or calculations into the exam session. Slide rules and logarithmic tables are acceptable, as long as they’re free of notes and formulas.
  • Cell phone must be silenced or turned off during the exam session and the phone’s calculator function may not be used. In addition, iPhones, iPads, Androids, smartphones, smartwatches, Blackberry devices and all similar electronic devices may NOT be used as a calculator. However, for online remote exams they may be used as a second device for video monitoring.

As of April 19, 2022 – The FCC requires that you follow up your application to the FCC by logging in the pay a $35 fee within ten days. The VEC will submit your application usually on the 1st business day you successfully passing your exam. This fee only applies to new license, renewals and vanity call sign applications. Upgrades are not subject to a fee.

ARRL will cover the one-time FCC application fee for new license candidates younger than 18-years old for tests administered under the ARRL VEC program. Candidates younger than 18-years old would pay a reduced exam session fee of $5 to the W8LAP ARRL VE team at the time of the exam. Please ask the W8LAP VE Team for more information and for the FCC Fee reimbursement form and instructions.

Minor children (under the age of 18) may be accompanied in the room by an adult during the test session.