Contest Resources

Contesting is one of the great activities of Amateur Radio. It boosts your technical knowledge and improves your radio operating skills—helping make you a better Amateur.

The goal of Amateur Radio contesting is to contact as many stations as possible during the contest period.

Every contest has Contest Rules

  • Only certain bands may be used
  • The contest only takes places between certain times and on certain dates. Some contests also require “off times” when you are required to take a break from operating.
  • An exchange of information is necessary during each contact. You may be required to send and receive a serial number, location, name or even a person’s age.
  • Only certain operating configurations can be used. You may have to choose a “category” of operation such as a single operator using low power.

Some competitions, such as the ARRL Sweepstakes, draw large numbers of hams onto the airwaves. Other contests are smaller with only limited participation.

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